Home School Enrichment courses vary from year to year, but provide an opportunity for the home educated student to receive Christ-centered instruction in various subjects to supplement the home curriculum.  Students join current RCS full-time students for their classes.

Offerings for the 2018-2019 Home School Enrichment Program

High School Omnibus II: Middle Ages and the Church Fathers (Veritas Press)        This course for HS students meets thirteen hours per week on the campus at Redeemer Christian School.  In addition to dialog and debate, individual and group presentations, students receive reading and written assignments during seminar sessions.  Taught with a Christian worldview and utilizing Veritas Press materials.  Reading and class preparation are completed at home under the supervision of the parent.  Books and field trip expenses are included in tuition.

Physics and Lab (Apologia)   This Science course for HS students meets five hours per week and includes weekly lab experiences.  Books and lab materials are included in tuition.

Earth and Space Science and Lab (BJU Press)   This Science course for JH students meets five hours per week, and includes weekly lab experiences.  Books and lab materials are included in tuition.

Beginning and Advanced Junior High Latin (Latin in the Christian Trivium)    These Latin courses for JH students meet three hours per week, and build Latin vocabulary, grammar, and translation skills, also includes Latin mythology, culture, ancient history, and geography.  Suitable for beginners and for those continuing their study.

Brass Band and Hand Bell Choir   Home school students are invited to participate in our brass band and hand bell performance groups.  Classes meet twice weekly.

Elementary Courses    Home school elementary course information (Art, Music, Physical Education, Mathematics, Science, Elementary Latin, etc.) is available upon request.

See a summary HERE of several of our courses.