The following provides an overview of each subject in our junior high school program for the year. The classical Christian approach teaches each subject within a Christ-centered framework.  The classical “tools of learning” are employed in the classroom, which accelerate student’s acquisition of academic skills and comprehension.

Bible:   Christianity and World Religions

Social Studies/History:   World Geography U.S. History:  1815 to Present – Veritas Press and others, and Biographies:  David Livingstone, Hudson Taylor

Grammar, Composition:  Classical Roots – Vocabulary A, B, C; Grammar:  Warriner Grammar Courses; Great Literature from around the world:  A Christmas Carol, A Wrinkle in Time, Treasure Island, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in 80 Days, Kidnapped, Oliver Twist, Time Machine, Best-Loved Folktales from Around the World, Kim, David Livingston, Adoniram Judson (Heroes of the Faith)

Mathematics: Student is placed in mathematics appropriate for growth each year. Math 87, Algebra 1/2, Algebra I, or other etc.

Science:  Physical Science and Lab – Bob Jones Press, others

Classics:  Latin, Informal and Formal Logic, Study Skills for 6th Grade Students, Classical Writing:  Diogenes–Maxim and Chreia

Elective and Extracurricular Options:

Fine Arts:   Art Studio, Brass Ensemble, Handbell Ensemble, Chorus, Sewing,

Service Arts:   Classroom Aide, Office Aide, Practical Mechanics

Movement Arts:   Physical Education, Boys Soccer, Golf, Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball

Technology Arts:   Web Skills/Cyber Communications