Our faculty and staff are committed to excellence in the classroom and beyond to ensure the success of RCS students. All RCS staff members are:

  • Professing Christians who regularly attend and are involved in a Bible-teaching church.
  • College graduates with at least a 4-year degree, and participate in the RCS Teacher and Staff Certification Program. Many of our teachers have advanced degrees in their fields.
  • Mature Christians who believe that Christian school teaching and service is a spiritual calling, and are they serve with spiritual insight and with a Christian worldview.
  • Able to provide the security of a well-structured and productive classroom.
  • Able to provide lessons that correlate to the student’s stage in the trivium.
  • Serving as a role model of Christian virtue.
  • Partnering with parents in the student’s formation of lifelong work habits, love of the Scriptures and God, and service to others.

Teachers model and teach the values and practice of godly character by integrating the truths of the Christian faith into all academic subjects.

Our class sizes are small, and all students are known by every staff and faculty member on campus.


DR. DENISE MONROE:  Principal, Hand Bell Choir, Secondary Latin

Dr. Monroe, serving at RCS since 2002, holds an Ed.D in Education, an M.Ed. in Educational Counseling, a B.S. in Zoology and a B.A. in German from the University of Arkansas and is a Certified School Administrator with Association of Christian Schools International.  Dr. Monroe has refined the academic curriculum at RCS through school improvement and accreditation review.  Dr. Monroe is passionate about Christ-centered, classical education, and is convinced of its value in students’ lives.  A student of the flute for many years, Dr. Monroe is an avid supporter of the arts, and is seen promoting music, educational travel, theater, and the fine arts at school and throughout the community.  Dr. Monroe and her husband have three children who are graduates of RCS. She and her husband are members of Reformation Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Apache Junction.


MRS. WENDY O’NEAL: Kindergarten

Mrs. Wendy O’Neal serves as our Kindergarten Teacher, for the Academic Core classes on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the Enrichment Kindergarten days on Tuesday and Thursdays. Wendy and her husband have two children, one of whom attends RCS. The family worships at Central Christian Church, in Mesa.


Mrs. Holmond was born and raised in Akron, Ohio.  She attended the University of Akron, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English, minoring in Creative writing and American literature.  She also holds a literature certification in Pan African studies.  Mrs. Holmond has a wide work experience including: hosting her own radio show and working as a sheriff and detective.  She joined the RCS faculty in 2007. In her spare time, Mrs. Holmond writes fiction novels of adventure and intrigue, including ‘Watch Out for the Wind’, and the ‘Swift and Silent’ series.  She has a son and three grandchildren, and she and her husband are loving cat owners.

MRS. HOLLY WHITE:  3rd/4th Grades, Music, Brass Band Program

Mrs. White has been a part of the RCS staff since 2009. She is blessed to have attended her elementary and secondary years in Christian schools; from 5th through 8th grade she attended Redeemer Christian School! She holds a B.A. in Elementary Education with a minor emphasis in Music Education from Grand Canyon University, and an earned certification as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. Mrs. White’s hobbies include music (especially brass bands), baking, traveling, and reading. She spends a lot of time working at her church and most of all she enjoys doing activities with her husband Jeff and their sons (both graduates of RCS.) Mrs. White’s goal is to instill a love for God and a commitment to excellence into each child she teaches.

MRS. SHARON KIEHNE:  5th/6th Grades, Elementary Latin, House Council Advisor

Mrs. Kiehne has been a part of the RCS staff since 2004. She currently teaches the 5th and 6th grade students at Redeemer Christian School, and serves as the House Council Advisor.  She also is also the elementary Latin instructor for her students.  An Arizona native, Mrs. Kiehne received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Northern Arizona University in 1995. She and her husband have three children, graduates of RCS. She and her husband are members of Reformation Orthodox Presbyterian Church.  In her spare time, she enjoys camping, being with her family, and reading.

MS. HANNAH CUNNINGHAM: Junior High Humanities, Secondary Classical Writing/Rhetoric, and Elementary Science

Ms. Cunningham joined the faculty at RCS in 2023. A native of the southwest, she has a bachelors degree in International Studies with a double minor in History and Bible, Missions and Ministry. During her years at university, she studied abroad in the United Kingdom, and the desire for travel remained. Later, she gained her ESL certification, and began her teaching career in Prague, Czech Republic. She has taught the English Language Arts within both Texas and New Mexico school systems. Cunningham is a voracious reader who enjoys a good adventure, but nothing takes precedence over sharing the transformative truth of Jesus Christ. She is a part of the body of Christ at Apologia Church.

MR. CARLOS TORO: High School Humanities-Philosophy, Bible, Literature and History, 1600s to Present (Omnibus III), JH Bible (Genesis and Exodus), Elementary Physical Education, Disc Golf , Lawrence House Advisor

Mr. Toro joined our faculty in 2022, as our high school humanities teacher. He holds a B.S. in History. After years of teaching in the charter school system (including a public classical school) and coaching wrestling at two public high schools, he felt the call to Christian classical education. Mr. Toro supports Christian parents to raise their children up by cultivating in them the knowledge practices, and devotion of the Christian faith as modeled and experienced at God-honoring home, Bible-teaching church and Christian school. He loves teaching young people, modeling and encouraging them to mature in Christ. He has a strong conviction that boys need a particular challenge to become men of faith and godly character. Mr. Toro enjoys sports, wrestling, home renovation, reading the literary classics, and theology. He and his wife, Bri, and son attend Apologia Church in the area.


MRS. MARISSA PRINS-VERBURG:   Elementary P.E., High School Spanish (Concurrent College Enrollment Program)

Marissa Prins-Verburg holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University and a Master’s Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.  She has worked as a university, college, and high school educator and as a corporate trainer. Her professional experience includes teaching Spanish, German, Portuguese, English, International Studies, Sociology and Humanities. Mrs. Prins-Verburg has lived and traveled abroad extensively. Her passions include time with her children, travel, and fostering an understanding of and an appreciation for other languages and cultures.


Dr. PAUL THORPE:  Upper Elementary & Secondary Science, House Victor Advisor

Dr. Thorpe teaches Science for upper elementary students, and secondary students. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in General Ministries from Southwestern Assembly of God University, a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Phoenix, and a Doctorate of Education from Liberty University.  Dr. Thorpe has worked as a Vice-Principal and has taught secondary science.  He dearly loves his wife and they have two grown children, a son and daughter, two grandchildren, and two dogs who complete the family. He and his wife attend Christ Church in Gilbert.



Mrs. Black serves high school students who need an accommodated educational program. She holds a master’s degree from Arizona State University in education and has over 30 years of teaching experience in private schools, public schools and in home school.  She enjoys empowering students and building confidence in their academic skills.  Her hobbies are handwork, sewing, reading, travel, and geography. She and her husband are members and serve at Church of the Redeemer in Mesa.


MR. JON NITTA:  HS Mathematics, JH Mathematics, Reading for Pleasure, Secondary P.E., Tyndale House Advisor

Mr. Nitta is originally from Fresno, California. In 1988, he graduated from Fresno State University with a B.A. in mathematics.  Mr. Nitta has 23 years experience teaching in Christian schools, serving at RCS for 13 years.  Mr. Nitta is the RCS Faculty Advisor for Tyndale House.  He worships at Church of the Redeemer where he also serves as an Elder. In his spare time he enjoys reading, golfing, watching sports, and crossfit workouts. “God has been faithful throughout all my years of teaching and I am grateful to be in a school where Christ is exalted in classical education.”



MRS. MICHELLE DIAZ:   Bookkeeper

Mrs. Diaz joined RCS in the Fall of 2023 as Bookkeeper. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Accounting, and is currently completing a Master of Accountancy degree. She enjoys bookkeeping and numbers. She and her husband have four children. In her free time, she enjoys being active and spending time outdoors with her family. Mrs. Diaz loves to travel and especially loves anything Disney, including visiting Disneyland. The Diaz family worship at Sun Valley Community Church.

MRS. PATTY GREGERSEN:  Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Gregersen has a heart for young people as they prepare their lives for God’s calling beyond high school.  As the guidance counselor, she provides college resources, scholarships information, and Biblical wisdom to secondary students.  She holds a B.A in Secondary Education from the University of Arizona with an emphasis in social studies and humanities. She also has a physical education and dance teaching endorsement.  Mrs. Gregersen has taught in public, private, classical and Christian schools.  She has experience in: student leadership, travel and missions, gymnastics, musical choreography and dance.  She and her husband have two adult children, two school-aged children, and one grandchild.

MS BRENDA KOERSELMAN: Registrar, Librarian & Fundraising

Ms. Koerselman grew up on a farm in NW Iowa.  After graduating from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa with a degree in Elementary Education/Humanities, she moved to Arizona. Ms. Koerselman has been an elementary teacher, elementary, and a high school librarian for the past 30 years. She brings years of her experience to the school, and has been integral in renovating and renewing our library to serve the school as a way to grow students in their love of learning and reading, and serving others. Ms. Koerselman attends Arizona Community Church in Chandler. In her spare time, Ms. Koerselman enjoys knitting, reading, paper crafting, playing piano, traveling and walking.

MRS. BARBARA TROLLOPE:   Financial Controller

Mrs. Trollope joined RCS staff in the fall of 2023. An Arizona native, Mrs. Trollope holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Arizona State University and is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the state of Arizona. She attends Central Christian Church in Mesa. She has three grandchildren with another on the way, and enjoys camping, reading, cooking and crafts.

MR. GIL MORENO: Recruitment

Mr. Moreno joined our staff in October 2023. He holds an M. A. in Religion from Liberty University and a B.S. in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute. He served in the transportation industry for 26 years, then served with an International Missions Organization for 9 years and most recently served as Regional Manager for Samaritan’s Purse. He is a resident of Mesa and teaches Bible classes at Scottsdale Bible Church, where he is a member. Mr. Moreno loves education, is passionate about discipleship, and is excited about inviting prospective parents to consider RCS as a home for their child’s educational experience. Mr. Moreno enjoys cooking, gardening, reading and enjoying special times with family and friends.

MR. MARK SVETIK: Advancement

Mr. Svetik joined the staff at RCS in 2023, and serves in the areas of fundraising and marketing. He holds a BA degree in Business Administration from Cal State East Bay, and AA degrees in Business, English, Speech, and Liberal Arts & Sciences. In his free time, Mr. Svetik enjoys cooking, reading, writing fiction novels, and spending time with his wife and two children. His family worships at Redeemer Bible Church in Mesa.



Redeemer Christian School is grateful for the volunteer service of our school’s board of directors.  If you have any comments, recommendations, or would like to attend a meeting please email: YourRCSboard@redeemerchristianschool.org

MR. MIKE SMITH: Chairman