A single school year accounts for over 1250 hours in a student’s life. A classical Christian education develops a well rounded student, builds character and confidence, prepares them to think analytically, and teaches them how to examine issues in a biblical manner.

The Society for Classical Learning expresses the goal of classical Christian education as this:

Classical Christian education aims to cultivate virtue and wisdom in students so that they will live for the glory of God, flourishing as human beings and loving both God and neighbor. It pursues these goals through an ordered exploration of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful that is grounded in the liberal arts tradition and that forms students’ affections and the habits of lifelong learning.

At RCS, we are passionate to educate the whole student.  Bible, music, art, movement, language arts, mathematics, science, and history/social science are all core subjects in our curriculum.  Equally as vital are the subjects unique to a classical Christian education: 

  • Latin
  • Classical Writing
  • Logic
  • Oration & Recitation
  • Rhetoric
  • Critical Thinking
  • Bible

Our education also includes a rich Christian classroom environment that supports the growth of:

  • Christian Character & Integrity
  • Respect
  • Orderliness
  • Productivity & Work Ethic

Biblical principles are the foundation for our classroom environment, which is teacher led and student oriented. Behavioral expectations and classroom protocol promote both character development and Christian maturity.

Give your child the Christian education you wish you had!

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