Families at Redeemer Christian School have multiple external and internal financial resources available to them. Arizona is blessed with amazing scholarship organizations to make private education affordable for anyone. Please see the list of organizations below or schedule a visit to the school office to discuss what will best meet the needs for your family:

Scholarship Organizations (STO’s)

After you have submitted an application to Redeemer Christian School and your child has been accepted, you can begin the process of applying to School Tuition Organizations (STOs). Many of these organizations partner with Redeemer Christian School to cover your student(s) tuition.

ACSTO – Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization:


School Choice Arizona:


AESOP – Arizona Education & Scholarship Opportunity Program:


APSTO – Arizona Private School Tuition Organization:


APESF – Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund:


YES – Yes Fund For Kids:


STAY – School Tuition Association Of Yuma INC:


TOPS – Tuition Organization for Private Schools:


Arizona Tuition Connection:


ALF – Arizona Leadership Foundation:  


Arizona Tax Credit:


Arizona Education Scholarship Foundation:


Institute for Better Education:


Academic Opportunity of Arizona:


Scholarship Organizations (Other)

AAA Scholarship Foundation:


ESA – Empowerment Scholarship Accounts:


Redeemer Christian School Scholarship Fund

As a 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation, all donations given to our school are tax deductible.  Donors may give to this special scholarship fund and recommend particular students.  However, the RCS Scholarship Committee grants scholarships based upon numerous factors beyond the donor recommendation and has the ultimate authority on who receives available funds.

How the AZ Tuition Tax Credit Program Works

State Tax Organizations will award scholarships based upon factors such as available funds and financial need. You can assist your child in receiving funds by requesting for friends and family members to make a donation to the STO of your choice and listing your child as the beneficiary. Arizona donors receive an Arizona state tax credit for their donation to an STO in addition to a federal tax deduction.