1. Complete an ‘Application for Admission’. Give your Pastor or Bible study leader the Pastoral Reference to complete and send to RCS. (See links below.)
  2. Submit the application and non-refundable $50 Application Fee to the school office.
  3. Interview with the Principal or School Board Member.
  4. The student takes a Placement Test or School Readiness Test. We schedule our tests through the school office. The testing fee is $50.
  5. Receive an email, call, or letter of acceptance from the Principal.
  6. Welcome to Redeemer Christian School!

Student Enrollment Requirements

Age Requirements 

  • A child should have reached the age of five (5) years by September 1st of the Fall in which he would be entering Kindergarten (Exceptions may be granted by Administration).
  • A child entering first grade should have reached the age of six (6) years by September 1st of the Fall in which he would be entering first grade (Exceptions may be granted by Administration).

School Readiness and Placement Test

Kindergarten applicants must pass a school-administered Kindergarten readiness test. Students in grades 1 through 12 will be administered an academic assessment by RCS to determine academic achievement and class placement.  Other diagnostic or academic results, scores on standardized tests, or grades from other schools may be accepted in lieu of testing.

Respect for Teachers and School Guidelines 

The student must understand that the school is acting in loco parentis (in place of the parents) and therefore he/she is subject to the instruction and discipline of the teachers and administrators in their prescribed roles at RCS.

Student Desire

A new student entering the sixth grade or above (6th – 12th grade) must complete the Student Questionnaire which measures student interest and desire to attend RCS.

Parent/Family Enrollment Requirements

Professing Christian Faith: At least one parent/guardian must be a professing Christian, and must have a clear understanding of the biblical philosophy and purpose of RCS.

Family Cooperation:  The parents/guardians must be willing to cooperate with all the written policies of RCS and adhere to the terms of school policies.

Financial Responsibility:  Parents are expected to uphold their financial responsibility in the payment of tuition and fees to Redeemer Christian School, as specified in the contract of enrollment. Families are responsible to apply for any and all scholarships of which they are eligible.

Redeemer Christian School admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin. The school does not discriminate against anyone, male or female, on the basis of race, color, nor national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admissions policies, educational policies, scholarship programs, or other school-administered programs