Do I have to be a Christian to attend RCS?
Yes, we require that at least one parent, grandparent, guardian, or the student himself profess Christianity and require consent that the student be taught accordingly.
How do you reinforce teaching a biblical worldview?
All our learning materials and activities approach the world and learning from a biblical viewpoint.
How does a classical education compare to public education?
A classical education utilizes a Biblical framework to understand everything. Educators also provide traditional content such as Latin through methodical and highly academic methods that are more hands on.
What is the transition to a classical and Christian education like?
Redeemer Christian School is academically rigorous. When your child comes in from another program, we can meet them where they are. There is typically a time period for the student to adjust to learning skills and content through interaction, reading, and discussion, projects and presentations.
How is private Christian education affordable?
Payment plans and scholarship opportunities are available to all families.
Are scholarships available?
Yes! Click here to learn more about scholarships.
Are your teachers certified?
Yes, our teachers have at minimum bachelor’s degrees from a reputable university, and are certified through Christian Schools International. Teachers must have Fingerprint Clearance Cards, and are required to attend ongoing teacher training/development throughout the year.
What is your student to teacher ratio?
Our average student to teacher ratio is 12:1 and allows for personalized instruction. We limit our class enrollment at the early elementary to 12-18 students so that the teacher can attend to each one personally. At the secondary level, larger class sizes are permitted.
Do students use technology?
Yes, secondary students, grades 6-12 are required to utilize technology to complete various assignments including research, essays, etc.
How many days a week is your kindergarten program?
Our kindergarten program features an academic kindergarten program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and learning skills and enrichment of K academics on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
How are combined classes instructed?
Combined classes are instructed in a way where each student has the opportunity to work at their own grade level with combined instruction”groups” but they are evaluated according to their grade level and expectations. It is an opportunity for students to “step up” and become stronger leaders.
Do you provide opportunities for homeschool students?
Yes! Homeschool students are welcome to participate in classes, electives, and sports!  Homeschool students join our fulltime students in classes.  Learn more here.
Do you accept international students?
Yes! International students are welcome. Learn more about the application process here.
What languages do students learn?
Students begin learning basic Latin in 3rd grade. Secondary students continue studying Latin through 8th grade.  At the high school level, students have the opportunity to take Spanish and receive concurrent enrollment with a local community college to earn college credits. 
Why is it beneficial for students to learn Latin?
So much of English vocabulary is derived from Latin roots. Students are able to gain more understanding of the world when able to recognize word meanings. At younger ages, students begin learning through memorization and chanting. Then, in older grade levels they begin to formulate sentences through engaging grammatical syntax.
What books do students read as part of the curriculum at RCS?
Classical literature is a vital piece of a classical Christian education. The literary classics take students to places and times where they have not been. Students that study the classics learn the stories, characters, and situations that have spawned literature, poetry, music, characters, dramas and movies of our modern time.
Does your school provide bus transportation?
No, RCS does not have community transportation. Parents and families are required to coordinate transportation for students. Carpooling amongst fellow parents is encouraged.
Do students wear uniforms?
Yes, students are required to follow a daily dress code.
Are students involved in the community?
Yes! RCS has programs in place that promote and reinforce a servant’s heart in students.  Our chapel offerings support a mission on a monthly basis.  Annually, classes serve together a local ministry for hands-on service.
Do you offer standardized testing?
Yes, RCS offers the IOWA Basics test to students and homeschoolers each spring.  The Classic Learning Test is administered to secondary students annually.
Can parents visit and volunteer on campus?
Yes! We want our parents to be involved in their child’s education. All visitors must check into the front office before entering the campus.
What is the procedure for sick children on a school day?

Sick students are to stay home for the day and may return to school 24 hours after symptoms have subsided.  Parents shall inform the school office when the student exhibits symptoms of illness: fever (100.4º or higher), cough, mucousy runny nose, diarrhea, several headache, OR has been in close contact (within 6 feet for over 15 minutes) with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

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