Trivium: The Heart of a Classical Education

Redeemer Christian School bases its educational approach upon the classical teaching model known as the Trivium, which divides the educational life of a student into three stages.  Each stage emphasizes the student’s natural capacity for certain types of learning:

The Grammar Stage

  • Ages 5-10
  • Builds academic skills of reading, composition, mathematics, and vocabulary of subjects 
  • Emphasizes the chronological learning and memorization of essential facts, such as:
    •  Dates, timelines, Places Bible verses in song and chant, hands-on projects, drama, etc. 
    •  Children genuinely find joy in discovering, reciting, and demonstrating what they have learned 

The Logic Stage

  • Ages 11-14
  • Follows a foundation of the grammar stage and includes the study of ordered relationships between subjects, sound reasoning and thinking, mechanics and patterns of language and the framework of subjects 
  • During the logic stage, students study formal logic, Latin, lab sciences, elements of grammar and composition, research skills, and Bible study methods

The Rhetoric Stage

  • Ages 15-18
  • Refines the students’ skills of using and articulating knowledge, logically, clearly and persuasively
  • Continued chronological studies of literature, Christian apologetics, history, mathematics, and science, and adds to them the study of philosophy, theology, and classical rhetoric
  • The capstone of their study is a written and orally defended senior thesis