What makes Classical Christian education so EFFECTIVE?

In February 2020, radio show host Kerby Anderson asked David Goodwin, the President of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools, “What makes classical Christian education so effective?” Mr. Goodwin outlined the classical and Christian educational model, and presented results from “The Good Soil” report, which summarized research regarding graduates of classical and Christian schools.

President David Goodwin answers: What is classical and Christian education? What is the trivium? How does this type of education play out in the life of a student? Is classical Christian schooling only suited for high achieving students or is it for students who struggle academically? Why are the Arts vital for a classical Christian education? What is the end result of such an education?

Learn more about classical and Christian school, and “The Good Soil” report by listening to the show. CLICK HERE!

So…you’re a Classical Christian School…what about STEM?

I’m asked often if our graduating students are successful with technology, engineering or mathematics after finishing Redeemer Christian School. I understand the question, since the hype on developing STEM curricula has frightened parents into feeling that their child’s education is not complete without the emphasis in STEM.

Consider this article from Ty Fischer of Veritas Press:


Why consider Christian School for my Student? An administrator’s answer.

There are a couple of questions we are asked when parents tour our school:   “Why consider Christian school for my student?”  “What’s different about a Christian education?”

A fellow Christian school administrator shares her observations from over 40 years involvement in Christian education.

Read her brief article here:  (CLICK HERE)

We invite you to tour our school and see our community in action!

Dear Parent…a letter from an RCS teacher to you.

Dear Parent,

If you are reading this letter, I assume it is because you are searching for a school for your child.  As with most parents, you are likely looking for a place that will give your child a quality education;  a place where your child will thrive and grow. It is also very likely that you have visited, or plan to visit several other schools before you make a final decision.  As you do your research, you are probably judging a school’s quality of education by the amount of technology, electives, and “extras” (such as college prep) a school has to offer.  I am a teacher, so as I searched for the best place for my son, I thought I was better equipped than most to make this decision. I confess, these were the things that I thought made a good education. I now realize how superficial they are.  The next obvious question you are probably asking is, “If I am searching for the wrong things, what should I be looking for in education?” I’m glad you asked.

You will find two things at Redeemer that you will not find in any other K-12 school in the Phoenix area:  Christian and Classical. If you look around you will find many other Christian schools and several other classical schools, but none that are uniquely both.  Some people think that as long as the school is Christian OR Classical, then their child is getting the best education. This is simply not true.

To understand this, I must first explain modern education.  The one of the goals of modern education is to teach for job preparation, to teach tolerance, and to help students find basic self-fulfillment in life.  Students learn how to be good in school and they are kept busy doing many things. I will also point out that all the well-intentioned, non-classical Christian schools fall under this modern education model as well.  In any case, you probably think that these are all worthy goals. After all, shouldn’t we be teaching our kids to get along and keep a job? Besides, this is the education you received and you turned out ok. It may be hard to believe, but this is actually part of the problem!

You may have given little thought to the education model at your local public and charter school and even less thought to that of a Christian school.  This is probably because you assume “Christian” is best in any situation. You may evaluate the average Christian school by test scores or class size, giving little thought to how students are actually being taught.  However, what you don’t realize is that students receive the BEST education from an education model that is both Classical and Christian. This may be in part because you likely did not learn this way. Let me put it this way:  It’s like seeing the entire world as green, not realizing that it is this way because you are wearing green glasses. If students are simply learning things such as subjects in isolation, tolerance, and self-fulfillment they are not learning HOW to learn and how to LOVE learning!  This is exactly what classical education equips its students to do: Live a life of learning and service to the glory of God.

A Classical Christian education intentionally molds students to virtue;  to love God and neighbors, as well as love truth, beauty, and goodness. Subjects are not taught in isolation, instead subjects are interrelated and taught more holistically.  Skills taught at a K-12 classical Christian school turn into habits. Academic and scriptural concepts examined in multifaceted ways produce lifelong understanding. A Classical Christian education is like offering students a feast, while modern education only offers crumbs.  Classical teachers irrigate deserts, they do not cut down jungles. Students learn to love learning and to connect all truth, beauty, and goodness with Christ, and they are dignified with meaningful work. I don’t know any parents who would offer their child a crumb when a feast is available.  Why should education be any different?

Make no mistake, there is no neutral ground concerning this subject.  True Classical Christian education intentionally and consciously makes every effort to go the opposite direction of modern education.  Classical Christian schools do not ‘teach to the test’, they teach to wisdom, understanding and Christian character. We must! It is not possible to have middle ground.  Classical Christian does not mean just doing it better than the school down the street. The education we offer must fit the classical model for the purpose of intentionally molding students to love learning and love God.

The modern education, “green” glasses you are wearing may be making it hard for you to completely appreciate all that I have said, and so I challenge you to continue researching Classical Christian education by reading such books as, “Recovering The Lost Tools of Learning” by Douglas Wilson, as inspired by Dorothy Sayers, and gain an understanding of the pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness in C.S. Lewis’, “The Abolition of Man.”

Giving my best,

Holly White, Kindergarten Teacher

Redeemer Christian School

Redeemer Christian is one of the most diverse schools in AZ

Redeemer Christian School was recognized as being one of the top diverse schools in Arizona.  It is a beautiful thing to see all of God’s children learning together, working together, and praying together.  Our international student program is robust, with a dedicated English Language Learning teacher, who helps the students fine tune their speaking and pronunciation, reading comprehension, grammar, and writing skills.  This year, we served students from Korea, Colombia, China and Republic of Vietnam.  Mesa is a very diverse city, and our school reflects the colorful culture of the area.  Recently the school was recognized as being one of the most diverse schools in Arizona, by k12.niche.com.

White (Non Hispanic)  42%

Asian                           25%

Hispanic                      19%

Black                           11%

Native American           3%


Classical Christian Education is the Feast You’ll Wish You’d Had!

In the article, “Of Pigs and Pupils: Fast Food, Modern Education, and the Growth of Classical (Christian) Schools”, author Casey Shutt compares the richness of classical Christian education to that of our modern education system in a way that compares a wholesome, savory and healthy feast to industrialized, assembly-line fast food.

If you’ve wondered what classical Christian education is about, this article presents a good definition by way of correlation.  The article provides the ‘run-down’ as to how we have (sadly) allowed our modern education system to become a processed, pre-fabricated product that lacks the strength to nourish student’s mental faculties.

Enjoy:  Casey Shutt’s Article ‘Of Pigs and Pupils…’

RCS Receives 2017 ‘Best of Mesa’ Award

Redeemer Christian School Receives 2017 Best of Mesa Award

Mesa Award Program Honors the Achievement

MESA June 8, 2017 — Redeemer Christian School has been selected for the 2017 Best of Mesa Award in the Private School category by the Mesa Award Program.

Each year, the Mesa Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Mesa area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2017 Mesa Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Mesa Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Mesa Award Program

The Mesa Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Mesa area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Mesa Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

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